Our Services

At Prodome Property we offer a smorgasbord  with properties in selected developments to choose from.

We strive to offer our buyers best service to minimize stress associated with making important decision . This includes ,but is not limited to, offering our time to discuss the clients’ property  needs during one on one consultation and providing them with contacts to affiliated with our company but independent professional services of mortgage brokers, solicitors and financial advisors who share our values of offering best service at the fair price.

We believe that to be able to make informed decision a person has to gather information from various professionals who do not have  vested interest in the outcome.

As much as we can provide data and explain details ourselves we encourage our clients to seek professional  independent advice prior to making any final decision .

Prodome Project Marketing offers our service of marketing of small to medium projects . We have  vast  experience in this field having contributed to the marketing success  of many developments in Melbourne Victoria.